Nice to meet you!

I am a Master's student in Physical Geography at Masaryk University (Czech Republic). I focus on recent cha(lle)nges in soils, meaning microplastics in soils and the environment at the moment.

I earned Bachelor's degree in 2021 with my thesis on Microplastics in soils of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, where I examined the factors influencing the quantity of plastic microfibres in soils and the processes influencing their distribution in the Isle of South Uist.

For my Master's thesis, I am looking for factors in the abundance of microfibres in the surface water of up-river Svratka in the Czech Republic, a drinking water source. How do land use and land cover influence the quantity of microplastics? Does the surrounding topography have a significant impact? And what about the riverbed sediments?

I am or my husband is the author of all the photos, including the microscope images.
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