My first manuscript is still a work in progress

Hopefully to be finished and submitted in September 2023
Wish me luck!


SETAC YES Meeting 2023

Plastic Microfibres in Remote Scottish Soils: What Influences Their Distribution and Abundance? [oral presentation]
Tereza Pavlíková, David Pavlík, Jan Divíšek, Pavel Matula, Daniel Nývlt

EGU General Assembly 2023

Soil susceptibility to wind erosion drives the abundance of microplastics in remote Scottish soils [poster]
Tereza Pavlíková, David Pavlík, Jan Divíšek, Daniel Nývlt

25th Congress of Czech & 18th Congress of Slovak Geographical Societies 2022

Microplastics in soils of Outer Hebrides, Scotland [poster]
Tereza Pavlíková, David Pavlík, Jan Divíšek, Daniel Nývlt, Pavel Matula


BrNOC: Student Lecture Night

May 6, 2022
BrNOC is a lecture night for students organised by students. In 2022, I gave two lectures about (micro)plastics:
– Microplastics in soils (and elsewhere in the environment)
– What is your tea bag made of?

Article in PomPom Magazine, Issue 38

Villains in the soil
Autumn 2021
PomPom Magazine is a knitting & crochet magazine which includes not only knitting / crochet patterns but also various articles. Issue 38 had a theme "Roots + Branches" and my article "Villains in the soil" on microplastics in soils was published, refering to my research where microplastics were tangled in the roots.